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Author Basics 101

with Kindle Press Author Michelle Hughes

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Why You Need Social Media

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Creating your Prescence

Author Basics 101

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When people read your book and like it, or if you're trying to find new readers, you need a place where they can find you and your books easily.  It's your job as a marketer, and if you're self-publishing or even traditional you will be a marketer, to make sure people can find you without having to work hard to do it.  There are over a million authors out there vying for sales, remember that.  Follow the links below to start creating your social media presence on the web.​

These are the essential tools every author needs to begin their career as a published author.  


Social media is a must to survive in today's publishing world.  Your name becomes your brand and you want to appear as professional as possible.  I will link you to the most valuable information I've found to get started.  I cannot encourage you enough to make sure you have all these completed before releasing your book(s).