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Book Formatting and Editing

Bestseller or a book that never sells.  This is where the fun begins, or torture, depending on your outlook.  These steps make sure your book is ready for a reading audience.  You want to pay attention because you don't want 1 or 2-star reviews schooling you later.

Book Cover

Arc Teams and Miscellaneous


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Shoutlines Design


The best way, in my opinion, to build your ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) Team, is via your newsletter.  If you haven't built your membership up yet, then Instafreebie is another option.  I'm not talking about GIVING your book away.  Create a PDF of a chapter and use a link at the end to ask for ARC readers.  Create a form free on Google Docs for this purpose.  50 reviews can really help push your book up in the Algorithms on Amazon.

Preparing your Book

Outside of editing, and having your book formatted properly,your book cover is the second most important thing.   I don't care what other people say if your cover looks like crap you're going to sell fewer books.  I suggest hiring a cover artist, but if you can't? Then pay attention to the top selling books in your category and make sure your book cover can compete!  Join some critique groups on Facebook and ask their opinions. You might not like what they say but that honesty is going to help you have a cover people won't turn their nose up at.  It doesn't have to be elaborate, but it does need to look professional.  Head over to Amazon and look at those top-selling covers in your category, trust me on this!


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Preparing Your Book

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Star Power Promotion

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with Kindle Press Author Michelle Hughes

I'll let you in on a little secret.  The first book I published should have been tossed in a trash can, it was that bad.  I had NO idea what I was doing, and the few people that have a copy of that original book I hope they toss it away.  To make sure your book doesn't make you feel this way, hire and editor and a formatter (unless you're going to write into a book template:  you'll still need an editor, but not the formatter.  I KNOW it's expensive, but readers will crucify you on editing, I don't care what someone else tells you on this.  Can't afford one?  Talk to an English major at your local college, if you can't find that hopefully, you can find some proofreading Beta's willing to help you out.