This is my launch plan for making a bestseller list.  There are NO guarantees that you will make a list, but if you're ready to put money into marketing, this is my best option list. 

Always release your book on a Tuesday for the best chance of making a list!


1. Hot Zippy  2 day promo $23

1. Love Kissed Book $30


Day Two

1. Ebook Habits - $10

2. Awesomegang - $10

3. Digital Book Today - $30

Day 3

2. Just Kindle Books - $35

3. Booklovers Heaven – Free

4. Ebook Hounds - $10

Day 4

1. Booktastic - $10

2. Good Kindles - $50

3. Ebook Soda - $10

1. Bargain Booksy - $70


Day 5

1. eReader Cafe - $30

2. Kindle Book Review - $30

3. Many Books - $29

Day 6

2. Read Cheaply $35 v

Kindle Nation Daily - $119


Day 7

1. GenreCrave - $299  book blast

2. Fussy Librarian - $8 

use codes from above site for discounts

Investing in Your Book

When I started out with self-publishing in 2008 it was a different world. As an author, I could invest in a simple blog book tour and see a huge return on sales.  Today?  There are so many books flooding the market that it takes a bigger investment.  There are some books that make a list without investing heavily, and it doesn't necessarily mean they've got a great book, they were just in the right place at the right time.  I always say there is nothing better than good old-fashioned luck.  I prefer to give my work the best shot I can and not hope for the best.

That being said, my launch plan isn't feasible for everyone or every book.  You'll also notice I left one of the best marketing tools off my list, Bookbub, but that's only because getting a deal with them has been impossible for me so far.  By all means, if you can get one, do it!    What to do if you don't have $800 to invest in your book?  Obviously, you're not going to get the results you would with that Star Launch Plan, but you can still give your book more noticeability

  • Do an Amazon gift card giveaway and require people that enter to sign up for your newsletter, share a pin of your book ad on Pinterest, visit your Facebook page, follow you on Bookbub, tweet about your book release, and share a Facebook post. Rafflecopter and Gleam are my favorite tools for that.
  • List your book with every free promotion site you can. Kindlepreneur has a list with a majority of them.
  • Get other bloggers to review and share your book.  This is a feat in itself and why I use a book tour company.  A list to get you started, please research them.
  • I used to recommend sharing with Facebook groups, but I'm not sure if has any real value today, except for having your book cover be seen.  Slack Social is a tool that you can use to submit to all your Facebook groups at once.

I hope these tips help.  Marketing a book is a time intensive project, but a necessary evil in the publishing world today if you want success.  

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